Love waits til the end of the term

In high school, if a guy liked you, he came up and asked you out for coffee or lunch. In college, it’s more likely that he’ll send you a friend request on Facebook. What’s interesting is the timing of it all. At the end of each term I get bombarded with friend requests from guys in my classes. Some were guys I talked to throughout the course, and others I had no idea were in my class. Either way, it’s interesting that the requests come in on the last day of class.

Some of my friends who also attend PSU have come across the same situation. They can’t tell if a guy in their class likes them, until the end of the term when they get asked out on a Facebook message or in-class on the very last day. My friend, Ryan Smith, explains it this way, “It’s like they’re trying to save face. If they get shot down at the beginning of the term, then it just makes the rest of the term awkward, but if they wait until the very last day, they have nothing to lose because they will probably never see you again.”

What do you think about this dating fad?