Sunrise at the library

It’s one of those mornings that feels like every other morning. One of those mornings that becomes lost in the blur of your daily routine. But I’ve noticed something different on my way into work, something special, one of those little veteran “extras” that anybody who has been in the same place awhile learns.

I hold onto my secret and perform the opening duties of a library computer help desk person. I wash the computers down with a rag. I wipe the fingerprints off their screens. I make sure nobody has left their valuables behind the night before. Then, as I take my seat next to the window in the morning sunrise and watch the stream of morning patrons head into the library, I make my move.

Off to the front of Hoffman Hall, where the new students are standing in line to get their transcripts and materials for their orientation. And more importantly, where catering has set up a table of coffee and bagels and muffins.

Score! I grab some for my coworker too.

So, my question to any readers out there, have you ever happened to score some free food on campus, and more importantly, would you care to share your secret with the world?