Have Pen Will Travel

Are there any budding writers out there? Students who really feels they have something to say or simply like to give their opinions–maybe a restaurant, a favorite punk band, or perhaps a book or author?

There is a class being taught at PSU that may be right for you. WR 458, Magazine Writing, taught by Prof. Paul Collins. I am taking this class right now and I find it very interesting and useful…for if you follow the class closely, listen to an expert on the subject, you could in time have your own magazine articles published…AND be paid to do so.

Prof. Collins is a published author himself, with seven books to his credit and many magazine and literary journal articles sold and published for profit. By taking part in this class you and your fellow entrepreneurs could launch into the vast world of magazine writing. This class covers all the aspects of this lucrative profession from how to select the magazines you wish to write for, to what kind of articles you should write, to how to pitch these pieces to prospective editors while navigating the pitfalls and leaps you may encounter. I find it a “how to” course on an entertaining ways to not only practice my writing but to be paid to do so. What beginning writer would not like that?

Before you all rush out to locate this class, know that it is a senior level class and you must have taken many perfunctory English and writing classes beforehand. You will also need Prof. Collin’s advance permission to enter the class.

I would recommend this entertaining and interesting class, to anyone who likes to write and who likes to be read.