PSU grad fixes up Black-owned homes

In June of 2020, Randal Wyatt started Taking Ownership PDX, a grassroots nonprofit that helps Black property owners keep their homes by repairing and renovating them. He’s about to graduate from Portland State University with a degree in Social Science, a double minor in Black Studies and Sociology and a 3.92 GPA.  His PSU story: “I was born and raised in Portland, attended community college, then had … Continue reading PSU grad fixes up Black-owned homes

A Hard Lesson in Slowing Down

By Julien-Pierre “Johnny” Campbell Content warning: discussion of dental procedures, descriptions of physical pain, descriptions of my own emetophobia Recently, I got all four wisdom teeth pulled. While this is usually an unpleasant experience for anyone, it was made all the more difficult by two things: 1) my intense phobia of dentists and 2) the nasty reaction I had to the pain medication I was … Continue reading A Hard Lesson in Slowing Down