My Fashion Secret: Thrifting

Portland is known for the “hipster” look; our clothes are either outrageous or we have no fashion sense at all. I don’t know if it’s the weather or my limited student budget, but I will fully admit I never really put too much thought into my outfits. But I have become more enthusiastic about a particular type of shopping, known as thrifting.

It is almost like a hobby, a simple thrill to find clothes cheaper than at a typical department store. The items could be new or secondhand. Sometimes I’m able to find deals for brand name clothing (not that it really matters) — as long as it’s catchy, vintage-y, different, it is worth it for a third or even a fourth of its original price.

Buffalo Exchange, GoodWil Industries, and Recycled Fashion are some of the popular thrift stores I have been to. I have purchased many blazer and jean jackets, and most of my professional button-up blouses from these places. There are many local thrift stores I haven’t been to in North Portland.

Are you a thrifter? What local shops would you recommend?

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