Taking the Initiative

Green Bracelets. Green T-shirts. Cancer banner.

I never thought I would be coordinating a cancer walk with three of my best friends and colleagues. I truly believe it when people say college opens many doors. It all started with an email two months ago from my Student Leaders of Service advisor. I have helped many times with on-campus, volunteer events, but I knew this one was different because it was outside my comfort zone. But right then and there, I snatched the opportunity to become one of the outreach coordinators. Two months later, I am sitting at an information table for the cancer walk as I post this blog.

The CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer will be taking place at Sellwood Riverfront Park on August 10, 2013. Our goal is not only raise the awareness for pediatric cancer, but to raise the number in attendance and support. My Community development manager, Mallory Zarate, has been advising and giving us the resources needed to reach the target markets of PSU students and the Portland community.

I took this on because I wanted to do something risky and even uncomfortable– such as improving my public and interpersonal speaking skills. I am also naturally hesitant and timid, but when I took this on, it felt exhilarating that one person can take on a large responsibility. The excitement being built up and our accomplishments along the way has been absolutely worth it.

PSU and Portland area have endless internship and volunteer opportunities. I recommend anyone and everyone to take the initiative as a leader. Open-mindedness can go a long way to changing your perspective and doing something extraordinary.

To learn more about the CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer, go to: curesearchwalk.org/portland
For the direct link to register: http://bit.ly/15dA5Jg

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