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By Sophia Crawford

If you’re paying tuition or even just going through the typical struggles of a student (like balancing a social life, amirite), then you deserve to squeeze out all the perks of surviving college. And there’s A LOT of benefits, so buckle up and write ‘em down. Or bookmark this page. You know what, since you’re at it, bookmark this whole blog website. We got some good stuff here.

  • HINT: There’s a complete list at the bottom for your convenience. just 4 u :3. And if you’re looking for more deals around Portland, check out the link below!

1. Spotify Premium + Showtime + Hulu

I had a friend who started working at Starbucks just to get the free Spotify Premium that comes with it. I said, “go you, make that bread”, but then told them, “you could just get Spotify AND Hulu AND Showtime for less than a Starbucks coffee”. They quit their job at Starbucks, btw, and got an internship instead!
DEAL: Spotify premium for students is $4.99/month (includes Showtime and Hulu).
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2. Amazon Prime Student

I was looking at pictures of myself when I was 8 years old with my Wheelies, and man, I was like the grooviest kid in town with my slap-on bracelet and butterfly sunglasses. The Amazon shipping for those bad boys was literally half the price of the Wheelies themselves, though, but with Prime Delivery, I cut the total price by 50 PERCENT. Campus skaters got nothin’ on me now.
DEAL: After 6 months FREE of Amazon premium, get half the price for both Prime Delivery and Prime Video for $6.49/month
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  • EXTRA PERKS include:
  • free food delivery
  • 10% off flights and hotels through StudentUniverse (a booking website)
  • $8.99/year, instead of $69.99/year, of the Calm app (for meditation)
  • 1 month free of CourseHero (an online platform for homework help)

3. TriMet Reduced Fare Program

The King of transportation in Portland — TriMet — has saved students hundreds of dollars (no joke) in parking when they took the bus through the Reduced Fare Program. Using public transportation supports public services and reduces your carbon footprint. Double whammy!
DEAL: Get access to 50% off TriMet single-use and day passes, and 72% off monthly passes by joining the TriMet Reduced Fare Program. Individuals with an annual income at or below $24,980 can qualify. More details on qualifications are at the TriMet website.
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Costs under this program:

  • HINT: If you don’t qualify for the program, TriMet passes through PSU are $150 for the term (still WAY better than a regular adult pass at $100 per month)
  • HINT: Portland Streetcar (that train thing that travels in front of the PSU Urban Building and Rec Center) is FREE with a PSU ID.

4. Portland Art Museum

What do rich people wearing shorts-shaped hats and painted peaches that weirdly arouse you have in common? Other than oddly reminding you of Call Me By Your Name, you can see beautiful depictions of them at the Portland Art Museum! They have exhibitions that change every couple months to showcase pieces like artistic narratives about several African countries.
The College Student Pass is $25 for a full year of free admission for college students. Purchase once online, then simply present your student ID when you arrive.
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5. Regal Cinemas

The movie DUNE is released on HBO Max and in theaters, but I swear on my very own pet bird (his name’s Bluejay, by the way) that if you see this masterpiece on your 0.05 inch scratched iPhone screen instead of at the cinema (if you can afford it, which with these deals might be easier to do), then I am going to hunt you down and ask Paul’s mother the Bene Gesserit to cast a spell on you so that the sandworms eat your toes. Except for the pinkie toe. The one that goes wee wee wee all the way home is too precious.
DEAL: Students can get up to 15% off the regular adult price with a valid ID, and Tuesdays are half off (about $5 – $7) for everyone at most theaters.

  • HINT: Matinee is almost always cheaper than evening and night showtimes.
  • HINT: The cinemas listed below support these deals (policies often change, so we recommend calling your cinema to make sure they still offer these perks).

6. The Portland Opera

Don’t make fun of opera if you haven’t even watched one, like seriously y’all. I cried at the Tosca performance, man. Plus, the Portland Opera is located in several theaters including the Keller Auditorium, which is right next to the PSU campus! There’s also performances you can watch online if the season of Sweater Weather is too cold outside to get to the auditorium (take it as an opportunity to snuggle up with your date or some friends :3 ).
DEAL: Student tickets are $10 for every performance.
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7. FedEx

Did you know there’s an arrow in the space between the “E” and the “x”?!? Let’s say you’re this student 🙂 , this is your package 📦 , and this is the arrow ⇨ , FedEx be like 📦 ⇨ 🤩
DEAL: Save 20-30% on a document with FedEx Envelop/Pak and 20% on a package with FedEx IP service with your student ID card
See more info for this FedEx student deal!

8. The Circuit — Bouldering Gym

Reminds me of Peloton, but for climbing buffs. And almost 100% cheaper. My friends and I spent 10 hours here flexing our muscles after flexing our brains in our group study. I’ve become a mind and body guru. I’ve become invincible. It’s straight A’s and curvy arm season.
DEAL: Students save a few dollars with a Day Pass for $17 or a 1-Month Pass for $75 with ID
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9. CineMagic Theater

This magical place on Hawthorne Blvd plays a newly released full-feature movie every month. They’re about to play House of Gucci (starring Lady Gaga!! Adam Driver!!), but right now they’re showing Eternals, and we all know what that means… No spoilers, just two words: Harry Styles.
DEAL: SE Hawthorne Blvd, watch newly released movies for $6 with student ID on any showing (just btw, evening shows are more expensive for non-students).
See more info for this CineMagic student deal!

10. 5th Avenue Cinema

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, PSU’s on-campus, student-run cinema screens “an eclectic selection of camp, cult, classic, and contemporary independent and mainstream films” and is the perfect place “to see something they wouldn’t ordinarily get to see on the big screen.” Literally nothing tops that. Nearby? Check. Free? Check. Movies? Check.
DEAL: Admission for students is FREE, plus, there’s FREE popcorn at every show!
See more info for this 5th Avenue Cinema student deal!

11. Arlene Schnitzer Hall

Your knee-length coat flutters in the wind and casts a shadow against the lights gleaming from the beautiful building on a crisp night under the shining moon before you enter the lobby to watch a symphony. Live out your artsy dreams and make this a reality! Both on or near campus, they present the Oregon Symphony, Portland Opera, Oregon Ballet Theatre, and many others.
DEAL: Sign up for the Be Artfully Inspired Newsletter to learn about student offers.
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12. Portland Center Stage at The Armory

Across downtown from the PSU campus at the edge of the Pearl District is an “armory” of Broadway shows, choirs, dance classes, everything. I’ve been trying to think of a joke about arming yourself with art at the armory or something but it’s been 23 minutes and I’ve got nothing
DEAL: If you are 30 or younger, or a full time student, get 50% off tickets in seating areas 1-3 with valid ID and proof of enrollment.
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  • HINT: The Pay What You Will option — for the first Sunday preview performance of most shows, all remaining tickets are available for any amount of your choice over $1. Tickets go on sale at noon on the showday, by phone or in person at box office.

13. Portland Japanese Garden

My mom LOVES this place, but I was like, idk man. And then I went with her and boy, let me tell you, there are so many musical exhibitions, beautiful koi fish, and of course, various greenery, Asian trees, and plants to adore. So bring your mama or a guardian and drink Japanese tea with them in this garden!
DEAL: Reduced admission for students with ID is $15.25
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14. Oregon Historical Society Museum

Since y’all go to an Oregon school, it’d be pretty cool if you knew some of Oregon’s history… Lol I know that sounds dry, but I’m serious, man. I bet you didn’t know that when the state banned slavery, they then turned around and also made it illegal for freed African-Americans to reside here. I was like they had us in the first half not gonna lie, and you know where I learned that? Answer: this museum.
DEAL: Students & Teachers (with ID) can enter for just $8
HINT: Multnomah County Residents (with proof of residency) can enter for FREE
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The Student Discount Summary List:
Spotify Premium + Hulu + Showtime
Amazon Prime Student
Portland Art Museum
Regal Cinemas
Portland Opera
The Circuit — Bouldering Gym
Cinemagic Theater
5th Avenue Cinema
Arlene Schnitzer Hall
Portland Center Stage at The Armory
Portland Japanese Garden
Oregon Historical Society Museum

Some of these things (especially TriMet, the museums, and free movies) are absolute steals. You’re not going to be a student forever, so pick one deal and just try it out. It could become a fun, healthy hobby 🙂
Thanks y’all. This marks the end of the article, but the beginning of your new student discount life! Go out and smell the roses!

About Sophia: I’m a Portland State University Junior from the Portland suburbs, majoring in Economics and in love with my college. I’m interested in economic reform and Scandinavian welfare systems, and am also a huge movie buff. Ok so I was required to say that, now let’s get to the hard-hitting reality: everything I write on here is cryptically about Timothée Chalamet, so pls comment about it under my articles (but don’t tell my boss, I might get fired). Connect with me on LinkedIn.




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