2023’s Best Study Spots on Campus

Spring term is finally here! It’s a time of year that brings excitement to some and fear to others. But with two thirds of the school year done, it’s time to buckle down and get into gear in order to finish it strong! It’s helpful to keep good study spots in mind for when you’ll need them before any major tests or projects. Whether you enjoy hanging with friends or doing the work all on your own, you’ll certainly enjoy knowing the best places to get your brain juices flowing. From the bustling Millar Library to the sparsely populated Fifth Avenue Cinema, here are the best study spots I’ve found on the PSU campus!

Fifth Avenue Cinema

A unique choice for a studying spot, but certainly not a bad one! Cozy and eerily quiet during the morning and afternoon, the common area in the theater is perfect place to go if you really need to focus. Paired with some plush seating near a window, you get the double whammy of comfort and natural lighting. However, it is a bit cramped and it would certainly be difficult to fit a group larger than two or three. But if you’re on your own, this is probably the best place to head to get work done!

Fariborz Maseeh Hall

Descending down the stairs from the first floor, you’ll be greeted by many students hard at work and seated at the numerous chairs placed around the lower level. One of the more popular spots I’ve noticed, FMH offers a plethora of seating options to choose from, everything from sturdy chairs to plush couches. Not only that, but there are barriers set up in some areas that provide privacy and quiet. There are many charging outlets scattered throughout, ensuring that your battery won’t run out no matter how long you stay here. To top that off there is a computer lab located down the hall — a perfect place to set up camp if you forgot your computer at home. The only downside? It can be a bit crowded, making it difficult to find seating during peak hours. But it’s absolutely a worthy study spot if you manage to snag a seat! 

Millar Library

Another popular place to head for a quiet studying session! Some might call it a classic option, probably due to floors of bookshelves surrounded by wooden chairs and tables. But it’s a classic for a reason! Seating options are conveniently located next to charging outlets, and depending on your major, research materials are on hand as well. Not only that, but the library provides designated computer labs, printers, copiers AND a cafe. Score! This historic campus library truly has anything a chronically fatigued college student would need. (Or any college student, really.) Though the seating isn’t the most comfortable, there are some more plush seating options to be found if you look closely. 

Engineering Building

For anyone who prefers to study with a large group, don’t fret! The Engineering Building might just be the place for you! When you descend down into the lower levels of this building, you’ll be greeted with a spacious common area dotted with tables and surrounded by chairs. Placed near the seating arrangements are two vending machines, one providing drinks and the other snacks — perfect for when your stomach starts rumbling during a particularly long study session. And while you can certainly come here alone, I’d say this place is especially good for multiple people to meet up and work together. While it can be a little noisy due to the amount of people who also favor the Engineering Building, it’s worth a try with a group of friends if you’re able to tune the noise out. 

Vanport Building 

Although the first floor is fine enough, I think the second floor of the Vanport Building is what really shines when it comes to studying spots. Once you ascend up the steep stairs (or go up via the elevator), you will be greeted with a wide array of plush, comfortable seating options — seats by tables, and couches too! It’s a very comfortable place overall, and seems to be pretty quiet during regular class hours. It’s overall a very chill place to get work done, or even just relax. There is enough space for some smaller groups, and it’s decently close to some charging outlets. Overall, a very solid choice for a studying spot!

Here’s a handful of other study spot options to check out!

  • Cramer Hall’s lower level
  • Science Research and Teaching Center’s lower level
  • Fourth Avenue Building’s lower levels
  • Lincoln Hall’s 1st floor
  • Urban Center Building’s 5th floor

Audria Oakes, a student worker with University Communications, is a first year PSU student who likes drawing, writing, and listening to music, and is studying art.




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