6 PSU Outdoor Study Spots: Ranked

When the sun is shining, it can be hard to study indoors. Here are six places, ranked, to study when you want some fresh air.

#6 The Collaborative Life Science Building (CLSB) has a 3rd floor rooftop where you can enjoy the view of the Willamette. There are also some benches by the Max stop.

PROS view of Tillicum Crossing and river

CONS not a lot of seating or tables

#5 Lovejoy Fountain doubles as a great place to eat lunch and to study for that midterm.

PROS close to 4th ave. food carts, peaceful fountain

CONS on the “edge” of campus, depending on where most of your classes are located

#4 The Urban Plaza has all sorts of spots to crack open the books.

PROS spacious

CONS high-traffic area, light rail noises

#3 The Urban Center Building rooftop overlooks the Urban Plaza.

PROS partly covered, view

CONS spotty WiFi access

#2 The Rec Center (ASRC) 5th floor rooftop has an amazing view of the city.

PROS view, spacious

CONS spotty WiFi access

#1 There are some spots in the park blocks where you can catch some WiFi.

PROS shaded and sunny areas

CONS music/community events, high-traffic area





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