KMC, home to PSU’s School of Business

Karl Miller Center is an iconic-world-class building, certified LEED Platinum for its sustainable design. Visitors are greeted to a stunning five-story all-glass atrium. Global classrooms are equipped with multiple video cameras and large monitors set up to broadcast class to students worldwide and give access to remote presenters. Continue reading KMC, home to PSU’s School of Business

Computer science students get real-world experience

PSU’s CAT program teaches all facets of IT infrastructure in a professional environment The CAT (Computer Action Team) is a hands-on, IT training program for student volunteers. PSU’s University Communications spoke to the CAT’s Department Manager, Brittaney Califf, and Communications Student, Brian Koehler to find out more about the opportunities CAT provides for students. Interview edited for clarity and length. Q: What does the CAT … Continue reading Computer science students get real-world experience

Finding your place in computer science

How a Portland State student group makes the major more welcoming for all If you’re a current or prospective computer science student, you may have heard of We in Computer Science, more commonly known as WiCS, one of PSU’s student-led computer science groups. But do you know much about the group’s goals or what it offers for CS students? WiCS’s 2020-2021 president, Alejandro Castaneda, weighs in … Continue reading Finding your place in computer science

Urban Honors as a Music Major

By: Ragan Love As someone who always likes to push myself academically, I applied for the Urban Honors program. It was a way for me to challenge myself in something that didn’t involve music. Luckily, I have a friend who is a year ahead of me who answered my many questions. How the program worked, how they liked the courses, what they were learning? They … Continue reading Urban Honors as a Music Major

Job Hunting By The Numbers

 By Naomi Kolb As graduation approaches, I find myself in the same boat as many of my fellow soon-to-be-alumni: I still don’t have a job or other obligation lined up for after graduation on June 17th. In the hopes of securing a job soon, I thought that I’d share part of my job-hunting experience. . . by the numbers. Days since I submitted my first … Continue reading Job Hunting By The Numbers

An Ode to the Deviants

 By Naomi Kolb I posted a picture of my graduation from community college on Instagram almost exactly two years ago to the day. The caption for my photo read, “official graduate of @inverhills with my associate of arts in gender and women’s studies. @portlandstate I’m coming for you next!” It wasn’t particularly unusual that I transferred to PSU from a community college, but what makes … Continue reading An Ode to the Deviants

An “Honor”able Legacy

 By Naomi Kolb Every time that I see the Simon Benson House in the park blocks I’m reminded that graduation draws closer with each passing day. Today the sign on the building reads “53 days until you are alumni,” and that number will only continue to dwindle until the day comes that we don our caps and gowns. Amidst all of the other chaos of … Continue reading An “Honor”able Legacy