Want to Live Longer?

 By: Xylia Lydgate With a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to fall prey to a sedentary lifestyle. While there are countless factors that contribute to the increased risk of health-related issues, one factor that is often overlooked is cardiorespiratory fitness. This is something I notice in myself when I go weeks or even months with minimal physical activity. I’ve observed that when I try to get … Continue reading Want to Live Longer?

Sweat to be sexy? I don’t think so

By Amanda Katz “I think you look good already! You don’t even need to work out.” This was the text message I received after telling my friend I was going to go the gym and I’d text him back later. Let’s get some things straight. I don’t work out to impress other people. I work out to be healthy and feel good about myself. The … Continue reading Sweat to be sexy? I don’t think so