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  • Faculty Feature: J.J. Vazquez-School Of Film

    Faculty Feature: J.J. Vazquez-School Of Film

    Sometimes you just fall into things by accident. That’s how it was for J.J. Vazquez, instructor in the production branch of the PSU School of Film. Originally, J.J. wanted to teach history. While in school at Cal State LA studying U.S. history, a cousin asked him to cover a job for him on a film…

  • Dorm Pie

    Dorm Pie

    As I’ve written before, I live in student housing. Dorms— a word that connotes many things related to “the college experience”— ridiculously tall beds, hallways decorated to reflect the RA’s floor theme, washing machines that only work half the time … and above all, socialization. From bonding over bowls of instant ramen to flashcard quizzes…