A night with PSU’s School of Music and Theater

Picture this: an escape from the typical rainy winter evening in downtown Portland, combined with an entertaining and insightful student performance. I found this (and more) in the PSU School of Music and Theater’s performance of Richard & Jane & Dick & Sally, a play exploring the adult lives of the “Dick and Jane” characters of our childhoods, with themes of coping with grief, learning … Continue reading A night with PSU’s School of Music and Theater

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PSU alumni produce phenomenal podcasts

With the number of podcasts seeking listeners growing by the day, it can be hard to break through the noise. But two Portland State alums make it look easy. Both Sarah Marshall ‘10, MFA ‘12, MA ‘13 and David Naimon ‘19 MFA were named among the 20 best podcasts of 2021 by Variety. Marshall’s podcast, You’re Wrong About, explores well-known news stories with the help … Continue reading PSU alumni produce phenomenal podcasts

Beacon Of Color

by Kassandra Johnson Standing in the hot sun, cheering as each float passed in a flurry of color, it seemed like everyone in Portland was on that street. In that moment I realized something: I’m thankful to live here. It was Sunday, June 17, and I was at the Pride Parade in downtown Portland. As I looked around all I could see were happy faces. … Continue reading Beacon Of Color

Let It Move You

 By: Xylia Lydgate Four simple words. Four words that can make a lasting impact. When I hear the phrase “dance like nobody’s watching,” it makes me nervous because what if someone IS watching. It is the fear of being criticized, made fun of, looked down upon, that causes me to tighten up and not want to just “let loose” in public settings. But at the … Continue reading Let It Move You

Why I ‘Sailed through the Stars’

  By Kellie Doherty Graduate school is busy and stressful. But don’t get me wrong, I love my book publishing program. I’ll be sad to leave next month, but sometimes I just have to do something else. PSU has no shortage of cool events for students, and last Saturday was no exception. I decided to go to the Pacific Islander’s Club 14th Annual Lu’au called “Sailing … Continue reading Why I ‘Sailed through the Stars’