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  • Portland State’s Best Near-Campus Movie Theaters

    Portland State’s Best Near-Campus Movie Theaters

     By Andrew D. Jankowski Who doesn’t love movies, right? Whether what you prefer, movies offer a means for finding common ground and expressing bold ideas. Portland State University has numerous professional theaters within an easy walk from campus, but PSU also houses numerous spaces to see movies on campus. All the listed screening spaces are…

  • Let’s be friends

    Let’s be friends

    By: Sara Kirkpatrick  Have you ever met someone and thought, “I would just love to be friends with this person?” However, before you could articulate “hello,” the fear of awkwardness and rejection stopped you. Even extroverts, such as myself, from time to time find it uncomfortable when having to initiate conversations with fellow classmates, and…

  • | Spring |

    | Spring |

    by Sierra Pruitt Spring time always make people giddy and it’s one of the best things I get to witness during this season. Being in Portland, I absolutely love the days of sunshine because people are outside enjoying what we don’t get enough of. But I have also came to the conclusion that we need…