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  • Luke’s journey from the track to the classroom

    Luke’s journey from the track to the classroom

    “Luke has exceeded my expectations here at PSU. He has grown into a fine young man with a big heart. I would take a dozen Lukes on my team,” said David Hepburn, PSU’s head running coach.

  • Four Viks honored at Hispanic Heritage Celebration

    Four Viks honored at Hispanic Heritage Celebration

    Portland State faculty, staff and alum were among those honored by the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber this month.

  • The Last Word

    The Last Word

      by Molly MacGilbert I’m graduating next month. Just typing those words feels hard to believe. My college career did not follow a linear path; I attended four different colleges in three different time zones, with a year off in the middle during which I worked at a bagel shop and partied too much. I’ve…

  • Not qualified? Get an internship.

    Not qualified? Get an internship.

     by Molly MacGilbert Here we are, students at Portland State, in the city of bridges and roses and sportswear companies. We’re all in a pretty good position for internships—being in college gives us an excuse to get some work experience in a field we’re not actually that qualified for (yet). When I was a junior…



    By: Sharon Nellist This is it. Ten more days until… FINALS WEEK. I am usually of mixed emotions during this time: glad that the workload will be placed on a brief hold, and sentimental over the ending of classes that I truly enjoyed. I had the privilege of taking a course in which the grade…

  • My Major Networking Opportunity

    My Major Networking Opportunity

      By Kellie Doherty The Write to Publish 2016 conference is over. Write to Publish is an annual writing conference, and it’s a great place to find some interesting contacts and meet some influential people. (I also organized it this year, so I may be a tad biased.) One of the great things about my…

  • Questioning the System

    Questioning the System

    by Shezad Khan Now that I’ve officially begun my career as a graduate student, I’ve been delving into some pretty interesting conversations with my cohort. A topic that was the focus of a lively discussion that took place recently was that of the “banking concept” in education. This concept essentially places teachers and professors as…

  • What a Wonderful Year

    What a Wonderful Year

    By: Sharon Nellist This upcoming year at Portland State is the one I have been waiting for. Not only is it my last undergraduate year (hoping to stay for graduate studies!), but I am comfortably involved in various ways to ensure that quintessential college experience that I have been pining for all of my young…

  • New tuition rates help only in-state students

    New tuition rates help only in-state students

    By Marilynn Sandoval As I was reading the news, I came upon an article saying Portland State is lowering the planned fall tuition increase from 4.2 percent to 3.1 percent. I instantly started to read the article, because it obviously concerned me as a student. As I read, my happiness quickly faded. Although reducing the…