The Self-Care Backlash

 By: Anna Sobczyk Between classes, homework, jobs, and more, student life is busy. Not only is finding time for yourself (self-care) difficult, but it isn’t prioritized. Even though self-care is all over the media these days, actually implementing it can be received with scorn. I encountered this when I began to shift my personal schedule around to make time for myself more of a priority. … Continue reading The Self-Care Backlash

Want to Live Longer?

 By: Xylia Lydgate With a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to fall prey to a sedentary lifestyle. While there are countless factors that contribute to the increased risk of health-related issues, one factor that is often overlooked is cardiorespiratory fitness. This is something I notice in myself when I go weeks or even months with minimal physical activity. I’ve observed that when I try to get … Continue reading Want to Live Longer?


By: Xylia Lydgate I have been coming to Campus Rec for a little over two years now but only recently watched (and rewatched) this video— gives me goosebumps every time! What strikes me most about it is how it really accentuates the inclusivity at Campus Rec. It is more than just a building or a gym; it’s a community that welcomes all students and community … Continue reading A COLLEGE STUDENT’S PLAYGROUND

Sweat to be sexy? I don’t think so

By Amanda Katz “I think you look good already! You don’t even need to work out.” This was the text message I received after telling my friend I was going to go the gym and I’d text him back later. Let’s get some things straight. I don’t work out to impress other people. I work out to be healthy and feel good about myself. The … Continue reading Sweat to be sexy? I don’t think so