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  • A Queer Complaint Against Valentine’s Day

    A Queer Complaint Against Valentine’s Day

     By Naomi Kolb It’s been hard to miss the fact that Valentine’s Day is this week with the bake sales, posters, and sex-themed events that have been seemingly taking over our campus lately. I’ve been actively trying not to be bitter about Valentine’s Day because this is the first year in awhile that Cupid forgot…

  • Long Distance Friends

    Long Distance Friends

    by Emma Eberhart When I chose to go out of state for college, I realized I would be pretty far from home – specifically 1,355.6 miles away. I was excited for the adventure of a new city, for finding my niche, and most of all for it not being in 115 degrees Fahrenheit on any…

  • Time Out

  • Moving In and Moving Out, With Friends or Without.

    There is nothing like moving into a new place, a new environment, and I could even say into a new chapter of life. The city has always attracted me, and with it came many opportunities to meet people and make new friends. Being one of the few Mexican Americans living on campus made it interesting…