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  • Checkmate

    By Claire Golden As we enter Wave 2 of Lockdown, we are also entering a new wave of boredom. Animal Crossings: New Horizons isn’t new and exciting anymore, cooking has grown dull, and the shorter days are making it harder to get outside for exercise. I found myself in need of a new hobby, and…

  • Let’s Talk Internship

    Let’s Talk Internship

    By: Anchitta Noowong PSU Resources: https://www.pdx.edu/careers/internship-information-for-students

  • Blazer Break

    Blazer Break

     By: Naela Cabrera Have you ever walked through the buzzing halls of the Moda Center during a Portland Trail Blazer game night? It’s madness, but it’s exhilarating! Over the last two terms, my friends and I have been taking advantage of the Blazers Student Pass, which gives college students access to last-minute Blazer tickets at…

  • Wim for the Win!

    Wim for the Win!

     By: Xylia Lydgate For those of you who don’t know, Wim Wiewel is the president of Portland State University. He took a break from the office on May 6 and walked over to the Urban Plaza to play a round of kickball at Campus Rec’s Pride Kickball event. I’d had the opportunity to meet with…