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  • Portland area winter hikes. Part 1

    Portland area winter hikes. Part 1

     By Josh McCarroll One of the many things that make hiking in the forest such a beautiful experience is the knowledge that it is far older than us and the perception that it will be around long after we die. This perceived permanence always allows us the space to appreciate Oregon’s forests some other day.…

  • Opt out of Black Friday

    Opt out of Black Friday

     By: Xylia Lydgate Get trampled or feel alive? I know what I’ll be doing on Black Friday this year, and it won’t be shopping. Read more to find out why. On the day after Thanksgiving last year, REI closed all 143 of its retail locations, headquarters and distribution centers on the infamous American holiday, “Black…

  • PDX Summer Bucket List

    PDX Summer Bucket List

    Summer will soon be in the air! Classes are winding down, and I am getting near to checking out. The next two weeks will be the longest two weeks, but they will be worth it. Here are some local places I will go this summer: • Do you want to go swimming and enjoy a…

  • Take to the Outdoors with PSU’s Outdoor Program

    Love the outdoors? See what services Portland State’s Outdoors Program has to offer.

  • The Experience Abroad

    Studying abroad; Justin Brown took the opportunity to share the experience of Kevin Keys. Kevin represents one of ten students from the state of Oregon studying abroad in México.