I need a job!

 By Qin Xia It’s job hunting season, yes, the most difficult season of the year, especially when you choose education as a career and you are an international student. Schools always hire new teachers in June and July for the next school year. So from May to June, it’s teacher job hunting time. And as an international student, following graduation, there will be one-year for … Continue reading I need a job!

My voice counts

 by Qin “Summer” Xia What’s SHAB? It’s the abbreviation of Student Health Advisory Board, where students are able to work directly with and advise Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) staff on policies, student issues, budgeting, insurance, and outreach. Why do I bring this up? For most international students in a new environment, our priorities to survive include figuring out where to buy food, … Continue reading My voice counts