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  • PSU student ‘living his dream’ with USGS internship

    PSU student ‘living his dream’ with USGS internship

    Never in his wildest dreams did Pascal Caraccioli Salinas imagine that he would be working with the U.S. Geological Survey as an undergrad, let alone an internship exploring geothermal resources — his dream career. “I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do this until after grad school,” Caraccioli Salinas said.  For the internship…

  • PSU intern helps city prep for ‘The Big One’

    PSU intern helps city prep for ‘The Big One’

    When the inevitable Cascadia Subduction earthquake stops shaking, buildings across the Portland metro region will have to be evaluated. Lexi Phipps, a Portland State undergrad majoring in architecture, is helping the city develop a damage assessment plan

  • Ultimate Internship Guide: How to find work, leverage LinkedIn and more

    Ultimate Internship Guide: How to find work, leverage LinkedIn and more

    PSU career counselor Caitlin Sweeney and Disney Product Management intern Morgan Young (she’s a first year with more than 3,500 followers on LinkedIn) offer up an ocean’s-worth of useful information about navigating the job market and last-minute summer intern tips. 

  • How to Write a Request for a Letter of Reference

    How to Write a Request for a Letter of Reference

    Some scholarships require letters of reference, which means you will have to reach out to some people in your life who know about your work ethic and personal achievements. If you’ve never done this before then it can be a daunting task. HERE’S A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON GETTING THAT PERFECT LETTER: Identify influential professionals in…

  • An Uncertain Senior

    An Uncertain Senior

    Starting at PSU, I knew that I wanted to delve into communications studies but had no idea what that truly meant. My first year, I took an intercultural communications course and was immediately drawn in by the depth in subject matter that we covered. From this course, I found that I was deeply interested in…

  • Let’s Talk Internship

    Let’s Talk Internship

    By: Anchitta Noowong PSU Resources: https://www.pdx.edu/careers/internship-information-for-students

  • What I learned from working at a news station

    by Jennifer V. Last term, I had the exciting opportunity to intern at KOIN 6 News right in downtown Portland. I applied for this internship because working in the journalism field has always been something that interested me, and because PSU does not offer a journalism major, I figured that I should try to gain…

  • Internship Blues

    Internship Blues

     By: Anna Sobczyk My journey of internship applications began fall term. I never kept track of how many I applied for, but it was an absurd amount. I ended up interviewing for 10 positions, and it was absolutely exhausting.  Time after time, I was not selected and my confidence really took a hit. The worst…

  • Internship Fever

    Internship Fever

     By: Anna Sobczyk When I started this fall term as a junior, I was bitten by the internship bug. Portland boasts so many great businesses and opportunities for internships. Luckily, PSU offers students a way to find potential employers. Handshake has hundreds of employers with job and/or internship openings. I recently found an on-campus job…