Balance, young grasshopper

So I’m sitting in class, and I have to admit that I’m a little tired. I had a late night last night, as I went out with some girlfriends for a couple of happy hour drinks and to catch up after classes and meetings and work. This doesn’t sound like the worst thing, at least to me, but I will sometimes find myself wondering how … Continue reading Balance, young grasshopper

School Stress… Here we go again!

Do you ever sit in class, and feel like you’re the one person that has no clue what’s going on? I seem to have already found myself in this dilemma this term. It’s now the second week of the term, and I’d say that I’ve already passed my previous record of stress-to-week-of-term ratio. On the second day of classes, I was assigned upwards of 200 … Continue reading School Stress… Here we go again!

What’s fun about under 21?

If you’re like me, you aren’t old enough to experience the night life of Portland. It seems that everything after-hours requires an ID. So what’s there to do when you’re itching to get out, but you can’t get in to 21+ places? I prefer the following places which have excellent food and foster friendly and relaxing environments. Le Bistro Montage: (301 SE Morrison) located underneath … Continue reading What’s fun about under 21?

A Passion for Tango

Walking into the room, one hears the creak of a bandoneon, two violins and a rhythmically syncopated piano. The voice is incomprehensible to anyone who is not fluent in Spanish, but the pain behind the vocals brings a thickness to the chest that requires one’s attention to the dance floor. It’s impossible not to notice the couples of people, embraced and wrapped up in the … Continue reading A Passion for Tango