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  • Long Distance Friends

    Long Distance Friends

    by Emma Eberhart When I chose to go out of state for college, I realized I would be pretty far from home – specifically 1,355.6 miles away. I was excited for the adventure of a new city, for finding my niche, and most of all for it not being in 115 degrees Fahrenheit on any…

  • Wisconsin, don’tcha knooo?

    Wisconsin, don’tcha knooo?

    By: Kadie Kobielusz Over the summer, I was able to live in lands distant and exotic – ahem – in Wisconsin. Yeah big deal, right? Well, actually, I had one of my most eye-opening experiences when I lived there. It’s an amazing thing when you are no longer looking at the world around you through…

  • A reaction to the Boston Marathon Bombing

    A reaction to the Boston Marathon Bombing

    I am a proud graduate of Columbine High School. I grew-up in Littleton, Colorado and remember the day of the shooting perfectly. I remember the way my parents held me after that day, and the grief that spread across the county, and country. This week has turned into a time of grief in the United…