PSU Accreditation Scare, Not So Scary

 By: Anna Sobczyk The PSU Vanguard recently published an article about PSU’s accreditation status. As of January 2019, PSU has two years to improve how it defines and assesses student learning outcomes. Less than half of PSU’s programs have sufficient plans to assess student learning, and accreditation requires that number to increase above 50% by 2021. If PSU fails to comply with these standards, the … Continue reading PSU Accreditation Scare, Not So Scary

You Don’t Know What You Got . . .

By: Theo Burke As I graduate, besides memories and friends, I am leaving behind the awesome Portland State student health insurance. I’ve written about this before, now I’m experiencing the difference. Since I don’t know what job is coming down the pike or what kind of health insurance it might carry, I’ve applied for individual insurance through Cover Oregon, the state exchange that sells private health … Continue reading You Don’t Know What You Got . . .

Call Campus Security? Maybe not.

Over Christmas, as I returned to my car at 2 a.m., I was approached by four muscular campus security officers, in three patrol cars. It was a little scary. Someone had called in a complaint about a man “trying to break into the library, wearing a hoody.”  I had returned some books to the Millar Library dropbox, and then carried the library’s delivered New York Times closer … Continue reading Call Campus Security? Maybe not.

“Man, I Wish I Knew This When I Started!”

                   Here are some academic tricks I’ve learned at Portland State. I hope these hints help you become a stellar Viking scholar:    Calendar Your Studies. Enter ALL assignment and exam deadlines into your calendar or organizer. Planning ahead saves cramming later! Don’t be a perfectionist.  I don’t advocate skipping readings, but when an exam is upon you, there may be more benefit … Continue reading “Man, I Wish I Knew This When I Started!”