A Queer Complaint Against Valentine’s Day

 By Naomi Kolb It’s been hard to miss the fact that Valentine’s Day is this week with the bake sales, posters, and sex-themed events that have been seemingly taking over our campus lately. I’ve been actively trying not to be bitter about Valentine’s Day because this is the first year in awhile that Cupid forgot to fire the magical arrow that would land me a … Continue reading A Queer Complaint Against Valentine’s Day

Discover PSU’s Resource Centers

By: Andreea N. Are you familiar with Portland State University’s resource centers? They provide students with the tools, resources and support networks to better integrate into the community. They also help students excel in their studies and increase social, cultural and global awareness. Diversity and Multicultural Student Services (DMSS) DMSS works with students from ethnically-diverse backgrounds to guide their academic success through a student-centered inclusive … Continue reading Discover PSU’s Resource Centers

You don’t look like a lesbian

“Hey,you’re pretty cute. Do you give out your phone number?” he asked. “No, I have a girlfriend,” I replied flatly, hoping he would leave me alone. “Oh, you’re a lesbian? That’s cool. I couldn’t even tell. You don’t look like a lesbian”. End of conversation. There are so many things that I wanted to say in reply to this well-intentioned, though obviously misinformed person. My … Continue reading You don’t look like a lesbian