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  • A Healing Hiatus

    A Healing Hiatus

     By: Anna Sobczyk Exercise is my catharsis, and it takes something major to throw me off my routine. A year ago, that unexpected “something major” happened. I developed sesamoiditis, the inflammation around two tiny bones in the ball of the foot, and it caused severe pain when I ran. I stupidly kept running on it…

  • The Self-Care Backlash

    The Self-Care Backlash

     By: Anna Sobczyk Between classes, homework, jobs, and more, student life is busy. Not only is finding time for yourself (self-care) difficult, but it isn’t prioritized. Even though self-care is all over the media these days, actually implementing it can be received with scorn. I encountered this when I began to shift my personal schedule…

  • Don’t Forget What You Love

    Don’t Forget What You Love

     By: Anna Sobczyk Recently, I have found myself falling away from some of the hobbies I love in order to study and do homework. Even though college is definitely a time to figure yourself out and find your identity, I started to miss parts of myself I’d accidentally left behind. For years I sang, played…