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  • Young and Restless

    Young and Restless

     By: Xylia Lydgate As I continue to push through my senior year, there are three things that can’t seem to escape my mind. First, graduating: walking down the stage and receiving my diploma. Second, my future career: where I’ll be applying post graduation and how I’ll get there. And third, traveling the world: having the…

  • The Flags We Don’t See

    The Flags We Don’t See

        By Olivia Clarke The first I heard about the Paris attacks was Friday evening, on Facebook. At that time, the death count was much lower than it is now, and I didn’t absorb the gravity of the situation. The next morning, however, I woke up to a number of messages from friends and family…

  • Where is your next destination?

    What if you had all the time and money to travel wherever you liked? Where would you want to go? I spend quite a lot of time daydreaming about traveling and experiencing a new culture. When I come across beautiful and extravagant scenery of various countries, I can’t help but imagine what the place would…

  • Academics Abroad in Querétaro México