Scheduling Spring

by Emma Eberhart Through and through I am a planner. I live for organization and tidiness. Arranging objects via color, alphabetically, by size or shape gets me ridiculously excited. I view my love for organization as a strength; however, it is definitely also a weakness because I allow little room for sudden changes. This spring term I may or may not have committed myself to … Continue reading Scheduling Spring

Beyond Starbucks: Cafés Around PSU

By: Andreea N. As far as I’m concerned, students need two things in life: caffeine and convenient places to study. If you’re the studious type who can handle small doses of hustle and bustle, cafés can serve as ideal go-to study locations. There are numerous cafés around Portland State University that are sure to have your favorite caffeine, or for those who have transcended caffeine, … Continue reading Beyond Starbucks: Cafés Around PSU

School Stress… Here we go again!

Do you ever sit in class, and feel like you’re the one person that has no clue what’s going on? I seem to have already found myself in this dilemma this term. It’s now the second week of the term, and I’d say that I’ve already passed my previous record of stress-to-week-of-term ratio. On the second day of classes, I was assigned upwards of 200 … Continue reading School Stress… Here we go again!

Your classroom…does it work for you?

We all know what it’s like to enter a classroom for the first time and realize…it’s old, outdated, and it’s going to be jammed. But you also realize you need this class and so you scurry to find the best seat possible. In truth all classrooms do not look like this at PSU but if you find yourself in one of the older halls, like this one … Continue reading Your classroom…does it work for you?