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  • What Europe is Teaching Me about Oregon

    What Europe is Teaching Me about Oregon

    By Olivia Clarke It’s Fall Break for universities in France, and we American students have dispersed to every corner of Europe. I’m spending the week in Frankfurt, and friends of mine are traveling in England, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, and Spain. We’re all trying to soak up as much of Europe as possible…

  • Communication Frustration

    Communication Frustration

    By Olivia Clarke At a little over a month into my study abroad program in France, I’ve learned a number of things. For instance: French pastries are, in fact, delicious; discussing sensitive political issues is a favorite local pastime; and picking up after one’s dog is definitely not a priority here. But by far the…

  • The Experience Abroad

    Studying abroad; Justin Brown took the opportunity to share the experience of Kevin Keys. Kevin represents one of ten students from the state of Oregon studying abroad in México.

  • Studying abroad — in Portland

    “Where are you from?” It is a question that can start conversations easily. I am from South Korea and have studied science courses at PSU for about three years. I have heard this question a lot as well. When I answer, I recognize again myself that I am a foreigner in America. International students must…