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  • Take a Virtual Tour of the Portland State University Campus

    Take a Virtual Tour of the Portland State University Campus

    Did you know that you can take a virtual tour of the Portland State campus! Along this tour, you’ll visit the main buildings on campus and learn what they are used for, including classrooms, dining halls and event halls. You can get completely immersed in a beautiful day on campus with a 360° view. Of…

  • How to transfer to a 4-year university

    How to transfer to a 4-year university

    As a transfer student at Portland State University, I speak from experience when I say that there’s a lot that goes into transferring to a new college, but asking lots of questions and doing your research can go a long way in making the process easier. 

  • The Best Beverage: In Praise of Coffee

    The Best Beverage: In Praise of Coffee

    On any particular day, my morning routine always begins with coffee. It’s a stereotype: the college student who runs on coffee. But in my case, it’s true.  I. Love. Coffee. My morning coffee is the simple indulgence that kicks off my day; a form of self-bribery to hoist my tired body out of bed instead…

  • The Case For Zoom

    The Case For Zoom

    When PSU announced that the coming spring and summer terms would continue to be remote, I had conflicting feelings. On one hand, I’m happy that PSU is looking out for students, faculty, and staff by minimizing physical contact. It’s comforting to be part of an institution that values health and safety. On the other hand,…

  • Storms Ahead

    Storms Ahead

    I wouldn’t say I hate the rain … but it’s not my favorite natural phenomenon, either. The dismal grey skies and absence of natural light. Soaked clothes and muddy shoes. Umbrellas dripping all over the carpet. Humidity that turns an hour’s effort with the straightening iron into a frizzy, unkempt mess. The ever-present risk of…

  • Dorm Pie

    Dorm Pie

    As I’ve written before, I live in student housing. Dorms— a word that connotes many things related to “the college experience”— ridiculously tall beds, hallways decorated to reflect the RA’s floor theme, washing machines that only work half the time … and above all, socialization. From bonding over bowls of instant ramen to flashcard quizzes…

  • A Capstone About Cats: Reflections on Our Senior Capstone

    By Claire Golden and Erika Nelson It was complete coincidence that two PSU Chronicles bloggers — Erika and Claire — ended up in the same Senior Capstone, but we wanted to reflect on our experience. This was far and away the most involved class we’d ever taken, but it was also one of the most…

  • Why I Save My Course Materials

    Why I Save My Course Materials

    Finals week is fast approaching, and spring break will be here before we know it! Many students are already thinking about reselling their textbooks and can’t wait to toss their notes. However, I’d argue that there are benefits to keeping class materials. Old assignments can be useful in future classes Keeping graded essays from previous…

  • The Last Word

    The Last Word

      by Molly MacGilbert I’m graduating next month. Just typing those words feels hard to believe. My college career did not follow a linear path; I attended four different colleges in three different time zones, with a year off in the middle during which I worked at a bagel shop and partied too much. I’ve…