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  • Why I Went to LA Last Weekend

    Why I Went to LA Last Weekend

     By Kellie Doherty Last February I wrote about Write to Publish 2016 and how it was an awesome networking opportunity. Let me tell you a secret: Write to Publish is a tiny conference. Adorably small, actually. How do I know this? Because last weekend I went to the conference connected to the Association of Writers…

  • Memoir Writing at PSU

    Memoir Writing at PSU

    By Andreea Nica When I tell people I’m writing a memoir, they usually appear surprised and ask: “Aren’t you too young?” In 2013, I began writing “Freeligious,” a memoir and narrative nonfiction about my detachment from a charismatic religious sect and community. As a former evangelical, my gradual transition from the Pentecostal community spanned 10…