Finding Help When I Needed It

WRC Library

The Women’s ResourceCenter( at Portland State University has a welcoming atmosphere. Immediately when I walked into the main entrance of the Center I felt drawn to the cozy couches and chairs organized for group gatherings or just chatting.  There are tall tables for eating lunch with a friend or two and tea/coffee for anyone who drops in.  They even have a small specialized library.

When I began college 12 years after my high school graduation, I struggled with the overwhelming feeling of balancing my family and full-time job with a part-time school schedule.  I felt overloaded and alone, and I missed the life I had grown used to over the years.  In my first few years at college, I found the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) to be an invaluable tool for helping me to adapt to college life.  Any time I had a question about school process, what programs were available to help me adjust, or if I just wanted to vent, I went to the WRC.  I sought connections with other returning female students at WRC events and found it helped immensely to talk with women who could relate to what I was experiencing, such as the constant multi-tasking and dealing with various attitudes at home. 

Today my greatest draw to the WRC is the programs provided for female students.  The WRC Empowerment Project is specifically designed to help women who are returning to school after years of absence from the classroom environment.  The WRC also offers programs on safety and leadership, which are open to all genders. The website is easy to navigate and you can find all the information you need on their programs and when they meet.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with the WRC and how the Center may have empowered you in your college experience.




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