Is Stress Interfering With Your Studies?

It is said that “stress is like an iceberg. We can see one-eighth of it above, but what about what’s below?” No one can see or feel that, except for the one who is going through it.
Midterms and assignment deadlines are approaching, and I can already see tired and stressed out faces on the streets of PSU. I guess this is nothing new to a student like myself, but the question is what are we as students doing about this? Are we taking the appropriate measures to deal with such difficult times with our busy schedules and tight deadlines?

Like with any student, and especially with those of us who are not used to the quarter system, student life often becomes a life of stress, worry and anxiety; I have been there myself when I first started college. And one of the problems that many students face is that they don’t know what to do about it, or don’t have the time to deal with it in the first place. As a result, that stress, worry and anger accumulates in their body to the point where the person becomes ill, and once they are ill, they miss their classes, midterms, and everything else, altogether.

As a student, these are some of the ways and means I have applied during such times: schedule study time and study regularly, take breaks often, and always remember to breathe. But most importantly, eat, drink and try to get enough sleep, exercise moderately, and try to relax (maybe through meditation). These are just some doable practices that have greatly helped me, and might help you too to stay focused throughout the day. What do you do when you are under stress?





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