Multicultural Services

“Sometimes we wanna go, where everybody knows your naaaaame!” That song has been stuck in my head all week as I prepared to write this blog post. However I am not talking about Cheers, not even the Cheerful Tortoise. I am speaking of a place that I call home here on campus, the PSU Diversity

and Multicultural Student Services also known as the DMSS.

With people like Melanie Dixon, Sherie Guess, Perla Pinedo, and all the other wonderful advisors and workers in their offices, anybody would feel at home. It is always nice to hear someone say, “good morning DeLon,” when I walk into the office. That always makes my day. I am sure many other students have similar experiences as well.

The DMSS is not only a place where multicultural students can feel welcome; it also offers a massive amount of resources such as scholarships, advising, job/internship opportunities, mentor programs, computer lab, and many other support services for multicultural students.

I can honestly say that the DMSS is a place where everybody knows my name. I am thankful for all the services they provide for my fellow students and me in order to be successful here at Portland State. If it were not for the opportunity to work with the DMSS and its advisors, I would be a student lost in the sauce here on campus.





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