The Best Team in Years

Who remembers the last time our Portland State football team was nationally ranked?
I was still in high school and had never known there was a university in Oregon besides
those that had teams in what used to be called the Pac-10 division. For the first time
since 2007, the Vikings were finally on the NCAA Division 1-AA national rankings. With
some rating them as high as 22, the Vikings looked to finish the season as a playoff

That is the beauty of going to a Division 1-AA school. Unlike the corporate -smothered
bowl games (shout out to Occupy Portland), we have the ability to enter a playoff system
to battle through five rounds to become the NCAA Division 1-AA champions.

All season, Portland State fought hard to win 7 games and earn national recognition.
With our eighth win and the playoffs on the horizon, things looked to be on the upside. The team was looking fresh in their 1991 powder blue throwbacks and it was time for some football!

The stadium was packed, and Vikings fans were ready to witness history on a Saturday
afternoon. Starting off with a glorious honor to our seniors before their final home
game, Jeld-Wen Field was electrified at the beginning of the Nov. 19th game against
the Weber State Wildcats. We were favored to win the game and the first half was
electrifyingly full of scoring. With a score of 27-20, the Vikings were only down by a
touchdown at halftime.

We ended up losing the game 48-33, and our playoff hopes were crushed in an upset to
Weber State. This was a very disappointing loss, but I still want to take my hat off to the
guys on the football team and say it was a great season. GO VIKS!!!!!

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