Why are you here?

This is a question people often ask. Why I moved to Portland, Oregon, and not somewhere else! Now that I think of it, I wonder what the reason was, and was it PSU alone? In order to find answers, I had to look outside of my own experience, so I decided to take a walk around campus and talk to people who had moved to Portland from other cities, states or countries. I guess I wanted to know what made Portland special.

The answers varied, of course, starting from the beautiful scenery, the green way of life, the bicycle community, to the best coffee places. Others mentioned the many independent performances and farmer’s markets (things that I did not even think of). But one thing was constant, most of the people said that PSU being right downtown was a convenience for them, as was Trimet (with its different forms of public transportation).

I thought one of my friends had the best answer. She said, “Why would someone not move to Portland?” And I agreed! Portland is beautiful, small in size, with a fair number of people. And speaking of people, I have found most of them to be polite and very helpful in times of need. As for myself, above everything else, PSU was the reason I came to Portland. But now that I am here, there is so much more to add to this pleasant picture of Portland that has been framed in my mind. If you get a chance, sit by the PSU Park Blocks and see it for yourself: green, diverse, and “weird,” everything that I found welcoming. 

And why are you here?


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