Less is more in 2012

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Are you counting down the days until you break it? You’re not alone! I too am a victim of this apparent unreachable goal. Just six days into the New Year, I’ve already broken my resolution. This year I chose to give up fatty food and get in shape. Even though I went into it with a positive mentality, it’s really hard to stick to a healthy diet when I work three floors above McDonald’s. When I set resolutions in stone, it makes it that much more difficult to keep. Once I know I can’t have it, I want it more than ever.

Some of the most popular resolutions are to quit drinking/smoking, get fit, get organized, get a better education, get a better job, and manage debt. However, the majority of people don’t actually see them through. I’m no Dr.Phil, but it seems as though we might be biting off a little more than we can chew. Instead of setting things to do or accomplish, why not take things off of our already very busy schedules and have more time for ourselves. My best experiences tend to happen when I don’t plan things and just go with the flow. You’d be surprised at the opportunities that may arise if you just take a moment and sit back.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Are we inevitably setting ourselves up for failure?