Did you think about that too?!

“Yeah, back to school again!” This is what I frequently hear from a lot of students who do not feel like they are ready for another term of readings and assignments. At times, understandably so because college work is not always easy, and it all depends on the interest and the (mental) preparation of the person. In addition, let’s be honest to ourselves, college is not for everyone; but this is absolutely NOT an excuse for someone not to try and do their best.

Education means a lot to me, and this is the reason I am here at PSU. But what I see with many students is their lethargic attitude that they come to school because they have to, or that their parents want them to go. Others are in school but don’t even bother to try or show up to their classes; this, I do not quite comprehend!

Unfortunately, little do many students here know of the opportunities they have. The doors to a better education are virtually open for them but many don’t see or ignore to see that. I remember the days in Kosova when I longed to go to school, but I could not because of my ethnic background, and the regime of dictator Milosevic had banned everyone of my ethnicity from getting an education. But that did not stop me and my friends from pursuing an education even if that meant meeting secretly, running from the soldiers, being caught, and even getting beaten just for wanting to go to school.

My point here is that not everyone has the same opportunities that many Americans have; and my reminder to my friends is: seize this moment because if you miss it, it may never come back! Did you think about that one too?

2 thoughts on “Did you think about that too?!

  1. The first thing I said when I first set foot in campus the beginning of this term ( and this was even my 1st facebook status) was “it’s is good to be back”. Having no university at my island home meant I had to leave family, friends and everything that was familiar just to get here. The trip wasn’t easy but I believe well worth it. To those who dread coming to school everyday, I do hope you realize how good you have it. I commend your passion for learning and look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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