Lights, Camera, Action

Portland has long been known for its hipster-hippie quirkiness, and that eccentricity seems to be getting more attention these days. The TV series, Portlandia, has become a hit off of Portland stereotypes. The show is filmed locally and includes some SNL members as well as famous guest appearances. Our own mayor, Sam Adams, has starred in this sketch comedy and proclaimed January 21, 2012 Portlandia Day. It seems our once fringe city has become the water cooler subject nationwide.

The show revolves around the Portland lifestyle and pokes fun of subjects like being green, biking, and eating organic food. Whether the show is reinforcing the city’s motto of “Keep Portland weird,” or mocking Portlanders with its exaggerated stereotypes, is subjective. Nonetheless, audiences and critics seem to like it enough to bring it back for another season. As a Portlander, I find it amusing. I feel the majority of the content does mirror some Portlanders in an inflated way. Some see this inflation as a misrepresentation or distortion of the city and its people, but without the over-the-top parody, I don’t see it being anywhere near as entertaining.

Will you be tuning in for the second season? Do you feel this show helps or hinders how people view Portlanders?

5 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. I honestly think it is a good thing for our area. This show, while it might not represent exactly what Portland is, still makes me laugh. Its funny because its at least s little true. It gives us the ability to laugh at ourselves without taking everything too seriously. I will continue watching and I hope the show goes on for awhile longer.

  2. had only caught pieces and parts of the show, hadn’t a clue that portlanders were the focus. thanx for the background.

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