Looking For Latin Music

There are numerous clubs, bars, and restaurants one can search for in downtown. It’s always exciting to just walk around and try out a new place out of impulse. Whether you like micro-brewed beer, dance clubs with top 40 music or attending the many shows of Portland, it is all part of having a social life.

However, many times I have passed by these places and sometimes hear Latin music. There are clubs that have Latino nights with Spanish pop as well as salsa, merengue, cumbia and much more.  

Andrea’s Cha Cha is located at 832 SE Grand Ave and Morrison and is nicely hidden in a downstairs basement of another club. Its small, it is surreal with a live band, the lights are dimmed but a fluorescent red light reveals the dance floor and atmosphere. I myself cannot dance salsa or cumbia, however the environment and music of Cha Cha urges one to move and to step to the beat of the rhythm.

Anyone can come and take lessons before the night of dancing begins. Cover at the door is cheap, and the experience is great. I have seen people in their 40’s from Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, and other places dance flawlessly. There are experienced dancers and beginners. Andrea’s Cha Cha is small, but nonetheless it is a great place to check out to feel a place that tries to have an authentic Latin and tropical feel.