Getting Involved on Campus!

From my experiences here at PSU and at other schools, I have noticed that many students lack the desire and the will of getting involved, especially with student clubs and activities. I am aware that some students have more free time than others, and some take more classes than others, but to never get involved in any activity or even show up to any of the events on campus, seems a bit strange to me.

I also understand that many students like to stay away from “distractions,” as they call them (although some activities can be distracting), but focusing on your GPA alone does not guarantee success or a good job. GPA is important, but as we all know, job applications or interviews most often ask for previous involvement or experience in the field, not what grades you got in this or that class!

I was one of those people who, until I started college, never got involved in anything that was not related to my school work. But as I began taking classes and looking into applying for jobs and higher degrees, I noticed that most of them if not all were looking for at least 2 to 4 years of related experience in that particular field. Years later, after having volunteered, I noticed that such requirements helped me get out of my “own shell” and explore the environment around me. I also realized that campus activities not only added to my resume, they also showed my interviewers that I was willing to get out and volunteer for the community, and that has always helped me with my applications.

Are you ready to get out and get involved on campus and beyond?





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