Leaving Home

There was a time when I, like many others, had no idea what to major in or where to even begin. I was just a freshman a few years back that left home and left friends to come study in the city. Having lived in a rural hometown for all of my life, the city was very enticing to me. I got the sense that there was always something to do, always someone to meet, and always somewhere to be.  However, once I moved here, everything seemed intimidating.

It’s very common for people to major in business and it makes sense. My roommates are actually business majors, but I never found business appealing, even to this day.  Before graduating high school, I took a course in Economics and I found it incredible to see how money flows through out various institutions and systems.  Instinctively, I decided to major in Economics my first term.

I took a few courses, and while they were interesting, I wanted more than just numbers and spreadsheets.  I happened to stumble upon a course called Intro to International Studies, and without much thought, enrolled into it. What followed was a term of issues not only relating to economics but also political and, more importantly to me, social issues around the world. The fact that one can learn about issues from across the world and actually try to make a change for the better is amazing to me

I am a junior now and maybe considered a city dweller as well, but I still remember my first year at Portland State. Sometimes I wonder what else I could have majored in, and I realize that I couldn’t imagine studying anything else. How was your freshman year and do you see your major applicable to your interests and curiosity?





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