How important are smart phones?


I have used a smart phone for more than two years, but I lost it  last Christmas Eve. Now I am using a regular phone. I can’t check my email, find directions, read reviews, pay for a cup of coffee or chat online using my phone.

 I also found out that people use their smart phones all the time even when they hang out with their family or friends. People don’t talk but chat online or play games.  One of friends just bought a smart phone and finds it really convenient. For example, she checked an email from her professor that she can’t register a class, so she searched another class while she was hanging out with me. She said “Excuse me” when she was using her phone. I really appreciated that. Most of my friends check their phone all the time as a habit even when I am talking to them.

 I remember when I bought my first smart phone and I was so excited that I can do a lot of things easily. I am planning to buy another smart phone but I want to make better use of it than I did before. 





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