A Korean birthday celebration


Last Saturday, I went to Doljanchi for one of my friends in Portland. Doljanchi is a Korean traditional birthday party that celebrates a baby turning a year old. The baby wears Korean traditional clothing, Hanbok . Her baby wore a light blue silk shirt and pants with a cute sky blue hat. She made all Dojanchi decorations on a table for a week. She glued marshmallow, candy, bubble gum and beans on a hard paper cylinder with a rabbit shape or happy birthday letter in Korean. It was so cute. She also made a photo book that shows her baby growing up from a birth. I had homemade Korean food, Kalbee (short ribs), rainbow rice cake, noodle, pot sticker and strawberry and lemon cupcakes!

I was impressed that she presented well multicultural influence on her decorations and food at her home.  What are some of the traditions in the United States to celebrate baby birthdays? 

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