Reflections on First Year Mentoring

Commissioner Amanda Fritz attends the opening of the Errol Heights Community Garden

As this academic year is quickly coming to a close, it is a
bittersweet for a first-time peer mentor. While my students have been challenging, it is very easy for me to see how they have grown over the past year and how they have been putting their learning into action.

Not only have students been making personal goals to live more sustainable lifestyles, a couple even took the initiative to submit a proposal for 2012 Solutions Generator program though the Institute for Sustainable Solutions. Their commitment to sustainability has now created a community garden in Errol Heights Park that will be a community asset for years to come.

As an aspiring teacher, this is what it is all about! While some of my
students will leave still unsure of what they have gained from their
FRINQ class, I see individuals who have thrived in their first year of
college. I look forward to hopefully seeing a couple around campus
next year and hearing about their experiences and successes.





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