Now what?

Yes, it is exciting to know that we are now graduating, in my case with an MA degree. As a graduate you realize that you do not have to stress out about assignments and deadlines, that is, if you are not planning to continue further. But many of us do not think about what is next–the next journey and the next stop. I have to say, that path is not always clear!

Transition into the real world can be both exciting and overwhelming. Oftentimes, soon-to-be-graduates feel they are ready to get out there and prove themselves to the world, with the knowledge they have gained and the results they have achieved, but that does not always turn out to be the case! I am an optimist, but let’s be real here. The road ahead is not always easy and smooth as we dream it to be, and graduation is not the end of struggles as some see it but the beginning.

There are times when I think about the next step in life: do I want to continue with my education by getting into a PhD program or take a break and get a job? If I do decide to take a break, with a world economy like this, who can guarantee that one can get a job?! There are over 6,000 students graduating from PSU this year, and one cannot stop but wonder what is next for them? As for myself, although I have plans, I am also trying to prepare myself for any detours that I might have to make in order to achieve my future goals. Do you know what is next for you?