One thought on “Register to Vote

  1. Robbie, ah, how perfect is your timing for this particular blog. The night of the last presidential debates! Your post is something that has been really on my mind since this crazy election season has begun this year.

    I first began classes at Portland State way…way back in 1975. Back then, things really were not that much different than I think you may find things now. I know that may sound a bit weird, but as I look around me the two days per week I am on campus now (finally finishing up that BA degree I began all those many years ago), I see students who look at life the same way I did back then. The country was in a war, I was always worried about money, I was always worried about what classes I had that term (and would I like the class and the prof), and when was I going to get to eat next? I really was “not” that concerned about who was President and what the Democrats were doing or what the Republicans were doing. I mean I felt, “What can I do about our country? What impact will my vote have? I don’t really have time to do all the reading, study up on what the ‘candidates’ were doing and then vote intelligently.” Thus, I did not always vote either.

    But now fellow students, I’ve put on some pretty heavy road miles, I’ve spent my time chained to a job, trying to get ahead, trying to make something of myself. And now, all these years later, I must tell you…VOTE. Do NOT let yourself be lured into a sense that your vote and who you are and what you want does not really matter. It does.

    If you do not stand up NOW for what you believe and what you believe in you are giving up probably the biggest opportunity of your life to do something that matters.

    I speak from experience. Vote. This is your only chance to really make yourself heard.

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