Keep Calm, and Blue Punch Buggy!

Blue Punch Buggy!Midterms are here and brought stress attacks with them. We’re going into crunch time for the term, and midterms, lab reports, papers are all starting to hit due dates. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be stressed and worried about grades and starting to spend less time with friends and loved ones, and more time in your books or notes trying to get that one extra question correct come test time.

We tend to forget, during this time of the year, that the world exists outside of our classes (or maybe you forget that the classes exist outside of the world, if you are doing poorly. Who knows?), but if you take a moment to relax (and everyone should!) what do you do to take a night off? For me, it’s watching movies with my guy. Our favorite is Lilo & Stitch.

So I say during the course of midterms and lab reports being due remember to take a night off and enjoy yourself. Or keep calm and Blue Punch Buggy! And remember… No punch back!

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