Small Body, Big Dreams

  By: Naela Cabrera Being a first-generation college student is hard. Being the oldest sibling is also hard sometimes. When you are both, it gets even harder. Having a role like this can come with a lot of responsibility, but mostly pressure. For first-generation students of color, the pressure to encourage the younger generation to receive a higher education is something many experience due to … Continue reading Small Body, Big Dreams

English 101: A sentimental summer lesson

By: Sharon Jackson England was absolutely more than I could ever ask for. I have been to London, to the south in Devon, to the north in Chester, and to the phenomenal countryside in Yorkshire. I have seen medieval churches, ancient Roman remains, and pubs that date back to the Domesday Book of 1086. I have eaten Devonshire cream teas, Cornish pasties, and full English breakfasts … Continue reading English 101: A sentimental summer lesson

My mother’s visit

When I was waiting for my mother at PDX airport, I was little bit nervous. I hadn’t seen her almost two years,and I was thinking about how I would react to her. In Japan, hugging is not a common way of greeting. I have never hugged my family. But I could not really remember how I acted towards her when I was glad to see her.

When she came out from the exit, we just said “hi” to each other. She immediately started to talk about how she had had a very long walk in the LA airport to get to the correct gate for her flight to Portland. It seemed like we were not sure how to act around each other.

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Keep Calm, and Blue Punch Buggy!

Midterms are here and brought stress attacks with them. We’re going into crunch time for the term, and midterms, lab reports, papers are all starting to hit due dates. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be stressed and worried about grades and starting to spend less time with friends and loved ones, and more time in your books or notes trying to get that one … Continue reading Keep Calm, and Blue Punch Buggy!

Portland State is More Than a School.

The first university I visited during my middle school years was Portland State. I vaguely remember seeing the Smith cafeteria and the Broadway computer lab. At the time, I was curious about attending college, but by my freshman year in high school, I knew I was going to college. I had no school in mind, but I was determined to enroll with or without financial … Continue reading Portland State is More Than a School.

Finally, a Place to Call My Home and People to Call My Family.

I have lived on campus for three years, and in three different locations. Living in the city was a drastic change for me. I grew up in a rural area where I had no neighbors, surrounded instead by acres of orchards. While living in the city brought me new experiences, it was expensive and at times lonesome for me. I have had a total of … Continue reading Finally, a Place to Call My Home and People to Call My Family.