Learning From Alexis

Alexis PicIn 2013, my ambition is to become more like my friend Alexis. She is a senior at PSU and has seen her family only five times since starting school four and half years ago.

I just got back from seeing my family in Colorado at Christmas, and it was the most important thing I did all year. The opportunity to see my family is a rare treat; traveling to another state requires plenty of money and planning that restricts me to only two visits a year, three if I’m lucky.

It’s easy for me to feel sorry for myself when I compare to friends whose families live close by in Oregon, but not at all easy when I look at Alexis.

She was born on Saipan, an island you’ve probably never heard of, and is one of the most dedicated students I have ever met. Most students have their entire junior and senior years of high school to decide if and where to go to college; Alexis was given the duration of one phone call to commit to moving to Oregon and left the very next day.

Despite being far from home, I have never heard Alexis complain about attending PSU, only about how much she loves and misses her family. What I admire most about Alexis is her perseverance and gratitude; always thankful to be going to school and eager to give back to Saipan.

It is time to make gratitude a priority; I am thankful for my family, both in Colorado and Oregon, and for the new friends I’ve made who continue to inspire me.  Your turn!




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